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 Rhode Island irresistable milk chocolate          candy with pretzels, raisins and peanuts. Brother and       sister duo, Tom and Lucia Asprinio have taken an old family recipe and have made this delicious confection available from their family to yours.
Created by Tesoro Confectioners Inc., its distinctive and unusual shape lends itself to the name Rocks, as well as promoting the Ocean State.

Also available to customize and rock your own world.

One taste and you will be hooked, as they have heard so      often...."what's not to like."


Tesoro Confectioners Inc. is proud to introduce Riff Rocks. Available through the KISS Coffeehouse website. Click here to order.



 Introducing....Rhode Island Rocks Dark!                                                              


                              Celebrate your special occasion with Rhode Island Rocks!
                  Custom labels and tags available for your special occasion or event.....
                Visit our Contact Us page and make your event memorable and rockin'!
 ...creating candy with imagination and passion
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